Custom Redesigns

optimized for your store's layout & square footage will help you decide how to make the most out of the SmartFlow System!

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The FLOW in SmartFlow

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Short on space?

SmartFlow LAB Optimization (Loft/Attic/Basement) gives you the option to move production up or down!

Optimize the flow of products & services while maximizing space & patient value with a state-of-the-art LAB redesign.








*  Ground level sq. foot rental is traditionally more expensive than upper/
    lower levels.

*  Allows for more face-to-face clinical offerings in a more compact space.

*  Less turbulence/fewer interruptions in production leads to increased
    production & accuracy.

*  Perception of a more professional practice by removing production from
    1st line of sight to patients.

*  Ease of collection of personal information due to customer service office

*  New look after 50 years of traditional pharmacy decor.

*  The most accessible health care professional, the pharmacist, is now
    even more accessible.

*  With removal of clutter, there is an increased professional look on the
    main floor.

*  Technology, experiential, relationship, process, & marketing
    differentiation will allow for increasing cash price on non-insurance
    reimbursed services.

*  Allows clinical & production to be more finely separated from pharmacists & technicians.

*  Can easily add a drive up window in center of pharmacy with back staircase access.

*  Double square footage & lower rent by going vertical rather than horizontal in pharmacies within large stores with high ceilings.

*  For pharmacists with hearing problems, separation leads to less background noise & less verbal technician interaction.

*  Fewer HIPAA problems due to increased privacy in the production area where patients are unable to hear employee conversations.

*  More ground level space for education kiosks, sit-down video education, & apps to lessen perception of wait time while increasing
    patient adherence & saving pharmacist time in consulting.

*  Discourages theft from criminals wanting to make a quick snatch & run as going upstairs where inventory is housed
    would make theft more dangerous & time consuming.

Lean transformation with SmartFlow involves moving a business from traditional ways of thinking to long-term perspectives and eliminates waste
in multiple ways:

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